JEM-GLIMS (Global Lightning and sprIte MeasurementS on JEM-EF) is a space mission to observe lightning and lightning-associated Transient Luminous Events (TLEs) such as sprites, elves, blue jets and gigantic jets from the Exposed Facility (EF) at Japanese Experiment Module (JEM), International Space Station (ISS). One of the notable feature of the JEM-GLIMS mission is to carry out nadir observation of lightning and TLEs from the ISS orbital altitude (~400 km). From this great advantage, it is possible to measure horizontal distribution and spatial and temporal evolution of lightning and TLEs.

The JEM-GLIMS mission was selected as a potential mission for the second period utilization experiment at JEM-EF in May 2007. After the numerous feasibility studies, the JEM-GLIMS mission was shifted to the development phase on November 2008. All the development, fabrication, and tests of the JEM-GLIMS instruments were finished on November 2010, and the JEM-GLIMS instruments were installed into the Multi-mission Consolidated Equipment (MCE), which is a bus system for JEM-GLIMS. All the system environment tests was successfully finished on February 2012, and MCE was installed into H-II Transfer Vehicle (HTV) #3. HTV3 was successfully launched by the H-IIB rocket at 02:06:18 UT on July 21, 2012, and HTV3 has reached ISS and made a docking with ISS on July 28, 2012. Then, HTV3 was finally installed at JEM-EF on August 9, 2012.

The initial checkout operation was started from the end of September and was successfully finished on November 12, 2012. After the checkout operation, test observations to observe lightning and TLEs were carried out. From December 20, 2012, the JEM-GLIMS mission was shifted to the nominal operation phase and will continue about 2 years continuous observations.

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    (Update : 2014/07/03) Dr. Mitsuteru SATO accepted honors in "Top Discoveries in Microgravity" at ISS R&D Conference !!
    ISS Research & Development Conference was held in Chicago, Illinois on June 17-19, 2014. In beharf of JEM-GLIMS mission team, Dr. Mitsuteru SATO accepted honors in "Top Discoveries in Microgravity" June 19 for the work as he highlighted research during the fifth plenary panel at the third annual ISS Research and Development conference.

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    (Update : 2013/11/20) 1-year anniversary since the stat of the nominal operation of JEM-GLIMS.

    (Update : 2012/12/21) JAXA opened a press release document reporting the JEM-GLIMS initial observation results. Read more?
    LSI image
    Fig. LSI image data obtained over Malaysia at 14:51:44.408 UT on Nov. 27, 2012.

    (Update : 2012/12/20) Initial checkout operation of JEM-GLIMS was successfully finished, and nominal operation was started.
    (Update : 2012/11/06) Initial checkout of JEM-GLIMS is continued We succeed in obtaining the first light data !!
    (Update : 2012/08/09) MCE was successfully installed at JEM-EF
    (Update : 2012/07/28) HTV3 successfully reached ISS
    (Update : 2012/07/21) JEM-GLIMS onboard HTV3/H-IIB was successfully launched from the Tanecashima Space Center (TNSC) 02:06:18 UT, 2012/07/21.

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