Observational Astronomy

Observational astronomy, extragalacitc astronomy, interstellar matter, development of observational instruments and system for the Antarctic THz telescope

Position Name tel e-mail
Professor Kazuo SORAI +81-11-706-4435 sorai [at]
Assistant Prof. (ISP) Dragan SALAK +81-11-706-3481 dragan [at]

Theoretical Particle Physics and Cosmology

Particle physics, beyond the standard model, dark matter, dark energy, grand unified theory, superstrings, supersymmetry, early universe.

Position Name tel e-mail
Professor Hisao SUZUKI +81-11-706-3438 hsuzuki [at]
Professor Tatsuo KOBAYASHI +81-11-706-3539 kobayashi [at]
Associate Professor Osamu SETO +81-11-706-2685 seto [at]
Lecturer Kazuhiko SUEHIRO +81-11-706-2686 suehiro [at]
Assistant Prof. (ISP) Arindam DAS +81-11-706-4415 adas [at]

Theoretical Nuclear Physics

Quantum many-body problems, nuclear force, unstable nuclei, collective motions, exotic deformations, fundamental nuclear processes including beta and double beta decays, nucleosynthesis.

Position Name tel e-mail
Associate Professor Kosuke NOMURA +81-11-706-2684 nomura [at]

Theoretical Astrophysics

Theoretical astronomy, numerical simulations, galaxy formation, galaxy clusters, supermassive black holes, interstellar matter, star formation, interstellar dust

Position Name tel e-mail
Professor Takashi OKAMOTO +81-11-706-2893 takashi.okamoto [at]
Assistant Professor Kazuyuki SUGIMURA +81-11-706-3562 sugimura [at]

Planetary and Space Group

Origin and evolution of planets and satellites, material evolution during planetary system formation, structure and dynamics of Earth and planetary atmospheres, comparative planetology, space exploration and ground-based observation, experimental studies, theory and hierarchical numerical simulation models, applications of information technology.

Position Name tel e-mail
Professor Kiyoshi KURAMOTO +81-11-706-3827 keikei [at]
Professor Yukihiro TAKAHASHI +81-11-706-3567 yukihiro [at]
Professor Masaki ISHIWATARI +81-11-706-3564 momoko [at]
Professor Mitsuteru SATO +81-11-706-2763 mitsu-sato [at]
Associate Professor Shunichi KAMATA +81-11-706-3225 kamata [at]
Associate Professor* Hisayuki KUBOTA +81-11-706-3567 hkubota [at]
Lecturer Seiko TAKAGI +81-11-706-3566 seiko [at]

*Specially Appointed Position

Astrophysical Chemistry / Ice and Planetary Science (ILTS)

Interstellar molecules, ice dust, amorphous solid water, surface reactions.

Position Name tel e-mail
Professor Naoki WATANABE +81-11-706-5501 watanabe [at]
Professor Yuki KIMURA +81-11-706-7666 ykimura [at]
Associate Professor Yasuhiro OBA +81-11-706-5500 oba [at]
Associate Professor Tomoya YAMAZAKI +81-11-706-5474 yamazaki [at]
Assistant Professor Hiroshi HIDAKA +81-11-706-5475 hidaka [at]
Assistant Professor Masashi TSUGE +81-11-706-5474 tsuge [at]

Phase Transition Dynamics (ILTS)

Phase transition dynamics, crystal growth, ice, snow, interferometry, advanced optical microscopy, atomic force microscopy.

Position Name tel e-mail
Professor Gen SAZAKI +81-11-706-6880 sazaki [at]
Assistant Professor Ken NAGASHIMA +81-11-706-6881 nagasima [at]
Assistant Professor Ken-ichiro MURATA +81-11-706-5466 murata [at]

Information Media Science (IIC)

Learning science, learning platforms, open education.

Position Name tel e-mail
Professor Izumi FUSE +81-11-706-3556 ifuse [at]
Assistant Professor Yuichi YAMAMOTO +81-11-706-3599 sierra [at]

Nuclear Reaction Data Science

Nuclear data, nuclear reactions, evaluation.

Position Name tel e-mail
Associate Professor Yoshiharu HIRABAYASHI +81-11-706-3545 hirabay [at]
Professor* Tokio FUKAHORI
Professor* Nobuyuki IWAMOTO

*Visiting Professor Position

◆ Spacecraft Observation Group

Planetary exploration, infrared astronomy from space, radio astronomy from space.

Position Name tel e-mail
Professor* Takehiko SATO satoh [at]
Professor* Ryuichi Fujimoto fujimoto.ryuichi [at]
Associate Professor* Issei YAMAMURA yamamura [at]

*Visiting Professor / Associate Professor Position