Mission Status

 ■ JEM-GLIMS Operation was Finished !! (2015/08/24)

The three-year operation of JEM-GLIMS at the ISS was finished on August 24, 2015. JEM-GLIMS was detached from the JEM-EF and was installed into the the unpressurized cargo bay of the HTV-5. The reentry of the HTV-5 into the Earh's atmosphere was on August 30, 2015...

 ■ Extended Operation : Finished !! (2014/12/12 - 2015/08/24)

Due to the success of the JEM-GLIMS observations at the nominal operation period, JAXA approved that JEM-GLIMS can move to the extended operation phase. JEM-GLIMS started the extended operation from December 12, 2014 and finished it on August 24, 2015.

 ■ Nominal Operation : Finished !! (2012/12/20 - 2014/12/11)

Due to the success of the JEM-GLIMS initial checkout operation and test observations, JAXA approved that JEM-GLIMS can move to the nominal operation phase. JEM-GLIMS started the nominal operation from December 20, 2012 and finished it on December 11, 2014.

 ■ Test Observations : Finished !! (2012/11/20 - 12/20)

According to the health condition of the JEM-GLIMS instruments and normal condition of the JEM-GLIMS functions, JEM-GLIMS started the test observations of lightning and TLEs from November 20, 2012. During this test observation period, the appropriate parameters to trigger lightning flashes were examined and surveyed. In addition, the automatic operation using the command sequence function was tested.

 ■ Initial Checkout Operation : Finished !! (2012/09/15 - 11/20)

The power for all instruments was supplied. The most basic function of the instruments was tested to check the health and functional conditions.

 ■ Installation of JEM-GLIMS at JEM EF : Finished !! (2012/08/09)

JEM-GLIMS was successfully installed at JEM EF.

 ■ H-IIB F3/ HTV3 Flight Operation : Finished !! (2012/07/21)

HTV3 attached to the H-IIB rocket was successfully launched at 02:06:18 UT on July 21, 2012.