SPACE GEODESY Research Section

Department of Natural History Sciences, Hokkaido University

N10 W8, Kita-ku, Sapporo 060-0810, Japan

Research activities

In this research section, we perform scientific investigation of the Earth and planets with space geodetic approaches, and engineering studies of space geodetic techniques. These techniques includes Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI), Satellite Laser Ranging (SLR), Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Ladar (InSAR), and gravimetry through tracking artificial satellites.flier


Prof. Kosuke Heki(hp)

Prof. Masato Furuya(hp)

Assoc. Prof. Youichiro Takada(hp)

members in 2007 September
back row from left to right, Ryoko Ogawa, Mamoru Sugawara and Takeshi Kataoka
middle E.I. Astafyeva
front row from left to right、Yu Morishita and Koji Matsuo

members in 2009 March

back row from left to right, Takeshi Kataoka, Masaru Ozeki, Koji Matsuo

middle E.I. Astafyeva, Mamoru Sugawara

front row, Kiyoto Yoshida, Ryoko Ogawa

members in 2009 December

back row from left to right, Youhei Kinoshita, Kiyoto Yoshida, Takatoshi Yasuda, Masato Furuya

left row from back, Masaru Ozeki, Kosuke Heki

right row from back, Mamoru Sugawara, Ryoko Ogawa, Nobutaka Serizawa, Koji Matsuo, Ikuya Okazaki

2013 March farewell party

back row from left to right, T. Yasuda, J. Maeda, M.N.Cahyadi, Y. Kinoshita, Y. Mitsui, M. Furuya, Y. Nakashima, K. Yoshida

middle row from left to right, T. Kataoka (OB), T. Ogawa, Y. Tanaka, K. Heki

front row from left to right, A. Saito, Y. Shirahata, K. Matsuo, T. Abe, M. Muto

2018 April welcome party

back row from left to right, S. Yi, K. Heki, Y. Himematsu, Y. Tokui, R. Sato,

middle row from left to right, K. Yanagiya, S. Arief, K. Tsukahara, M. Hashimoto, M. Kataoka, Y. Takei, J. Motono

front row from left to right, Erlan, S., N. Hasumi, Y. Takasaka, F. Matsumoto, T. Kuroda

Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Yusaku Tanaka (2017 Apr.- 2019 Mar.) Now at Earthquake Res. Inst., Univ. Tokyo

Dr. Takatoshi Yasuda (2015 Apr.-2016 Mar.)

Dr. Yohei Kinoshita (2014 Apr. - 2015 Mar., Now at Remote Sensing Technology Center)

Dr. Yuta Mitsui (2011 Apr. - 2013 May, Now at Shizuoka Univ.) HP

Dr. Youichiro Takada (2007 Oct. - 2009 Jul., after staying at DPRI, Kyoto Univ., back to our laboratory) HP

Postdoctoral Fellow (from overseas)

Dr. Wei Zhan (CEA, Tianjin) (2019 Nov.-2020.Jul. )

Dr. Shuang Yi (Univ. Chinese Acad. Sci.) (2016 Oct. - 2018 Oct.)

Dr. Liming He (Northeastern University, China) (2015 Sep. - 2017 Aug.)

Dr. Wenrui Wang (National Astronom. Obs., China) (2016 Apr. - 2017 Mar.)

Dr. Elvira I. Astafyeva (Russian Academy of Sciences, Now at IPGP, Paris) (2007 Jun. - 2009 Jun.)
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Postgraduates in 2020

Sho Morita (D)

Syachrul Arief (D)

Mohammad Yuzariyadi (D)

Ihsan Naufal Muafiry (D)

Kazuki Yanagiya (D)

Wang Xuemei (M)

Naoki Hasumi (M)

Yuki Takasaka (M)

Yoshiki Takei (M)

Naufal Satiawan(M)

Mina Kataoka (M)

Ai Matsushita (M)

Natsuki Muto (M)

Takuro Izutani (M)

Doctor Theses

Syachrul Arief (2020 DSc Thesis)"Meteorological applicaation of a dense GNSS network utilizing atmospheric delay gradient and crustal subsidence: The 2018 disastrous rain episode in SW Japan"

Yuji Himematsu (2018 DSc Thesis) "Co-seismic and co-diking crustal deformation along subareal rifts deteted by satellite synthetic aperture radar: East Africa, Iceland, and Southwestern Japan"

Yoko Taolin Tu (2018 DSc Thesis) "Geodetic and seismological study of slow earthquakes and inter-plate coupling in the Ryukyu subduction zone

Mohammad Usman (2018 DSc Thesis) "Spatio-temporal velocity variability of Eastern Karakoram glaciers observed by ALOS-1/2 data"

Yuki Nakashima (2018 DSc Thesis) "Multi-sensor study of dynamics of atmospheric waves induced by volcanic eruptions" JPGU award AGU Outstanding Student Presentation Otsuka Prize

Takahiro Abe (2017 DSc Thesis)"Dynamics of surge-type glaciers in Yukon, Canada, revealed by multi-satellite images" (award from GSJ)(award from JSSI)

Yusaku Tanaka (2017 Dsc Thesis)"Geophysical modelings of co- and postseismic gravity changes from satellite gravimetry" (award from SSJ)

Deasy Arisa (2016 Sep. DSc Thesis) "Large and repeating slow slip events in the Izu-Bonin Arc from space geodetic data"

Jun Maeda (2015 DSc Thesis)  "Morphology and dynamics of midlatitude sporadic-E from GPS total electron content observations"

Takatoshi Yasuda (2015 DSc Thesis, JSPS fellow) "Glacier surge dynamics at the west Kunlun Shan inferred from satellite remote sensing"

Mokhamad Nur Cahyadi (2014 DSc Thesis)  "Near-field coseismic ionospheric disturbances of earthquakes in and around Indonesia"

Youhei Kinoshita (2014 DSc Thesis, JSPS fellow) "Geodetic and meteorological studies of the water vapor delay signal in InSAR with the use of numerical weather model"

Koji Matsuo (2013 DSc Thesis, JSPS fellow) "Large scale mass transportations on the Earth from satellite gravimetry: Climate changes and earthquakes" (pdf) (award from GSJ) (award from JSSI) (award from SSJ)

Ryoko Ogawa (2010 DSc Thesis, JSPS fellow) "Transient, seasonal and inter-annual gravity changes from GRACE data: Geophysical modelings" (pdf)

Master Theses

Yuta Tokui (2019 MSc Thesis) "Geodetic study of gravity and sea level changes in the coastal regions of north Australia and the Gulf of Thailand using multiple sensors"

Mayumi Hashimoto (2019 MSc Thesis) "Aurora substorms and LSTID observed in Japan: TEC observations by multi-GNSS"

Tomoki Kuroda (2019 MSc Thesis) "Detection of glacial flows in NW Greenland by ALOS/ALOS-2"

Fumiko Matsumoto (2019 MSc Thesis) "Co- and post-seismic deformation due to 2016 moderate earthquake sequence at the Chaman fault, Pakistan"

Erlan Sumanjaya (2019 MSc Thesis) "Coseismic deformation of the 2018 Lombok earthquake sequence, Indonesia, revealed by ALOS-2 InSAR observations and their source modeling"

Ryota Sato (2018 MSc Thesis) "Atmospheric delay gradient and its origin in GNSS observation"

Yutaro Iwasa (2018 MSc Thesis) "Stress diffusion from repeating back-arc rifting and secular uplift of an island arc: Okinawa Trough and southwestern Ryukyu arc"

Tomomi Inamatsu (2018 MSc Thesis) "Temporal change in strain rate before and after the Tohoku-Oki earthquake in and around the Atotsugawa fault and the Tohoku region"

Kotaro Tsukahara (2018 MSc Thesis) "Spatio-temporal change of crustal deformation in SW Taiwan detected by InSAR and GNSS"

Kazuki Yanagiya (2018 MSc Thesis) "Spatiotemporal variation of thaw subsidence and frost heave of permafrost caused by wildfire around Batagay, East Siberia"

Ihsan Naufal Muafiry (2018 MSc Thesis) "3D Tomographic Study of Mid-latitude Sporadic-E from GNSS-TEC data"

Yuki Saegusa (2017 MSc Thesis) "Crustal movements immediately before and after the 2011 Tohoku-oki earthquake from kinematic solutions of GNSS stations"

Takato Suzuki (2017 MSc Thesis)"Detection of mid-latitude sporadic-E by using GNSS and InSAR and application of split-spectrum method

Yoshiki Konuma (2017 MSc Thesis)"Glacier velocity changes at Novaya Zemlya revealed by ALOS1 and ALOS2"

Shohei Ikeda (2016 MSc Thesis)"Recurrent shallow slow slip events along the block boundary in the Northern Hokkaido: Joint analyses of GNSS and tiltmeter data"

Yuji Himematsu (2016 MSc Thesis)"Detection of aseismic strike-slip associated with dike intrusion at the East African Rift valley"

Mina Hashimoto (2015 MSc Thesis) "Lunar gravity anomaly studies with GRAIL level-1 and -2 data"

Yuki Nakashima (2015 MSc Thesis)"Near-field ionospheric disturbance by the eruption of the Kelud Volcano,Indonesia, in February 2014 observed by GNSS-TEC method"

Shutaro Umemura (2015 MSc Thesis) "Coseismic deformation and landslide signals associated with the Cinchona earthquake (Mw6.1 Costa Rica) detected by Synthetic Aperture Radar"

Yusaku Tanaka (2014 MSc Thesis) "Postseismic gravity changes observed from GRACE satellites: The two components of postseismic gravity changes and their mechanism"

Deasy Arisa (2013 Fall MSc Thesis)"Fast and slow fault slips preceding the 2011 Tohoku-oki earthquake from space geodetic data"

Tatsuhiko Ogawa (2013 MSc Thesis)"Reconstruction of paleoselenoid using surface shapes of mare basalts and flow directions of sinuous rilles"

Takahiro Abe (2013 MSc Thesis) "Earth surface changes detected by synthetic aperture radar and their interpretations: the Iwate-Miyagi inland earthquake and glacier dynamics in Yukon, Canada"

Minami Muto (2013 MSc Thesis) "Changes of glacier flow velocities and ice-front positions in the Southern Patagonia Icefield, South America, inferred from Synthetic Aperture Radar: 2002 - 2011"

Sun Shuoshuai (2012 MSc Thesis) "SAR-based observations and fault source modeling of the co-seismic deformation: The 2008 Zhongba earthquake (M6.7) and the 2010/2011 SE Iran earthquakes (M6.5 and M6.2)" (pdf)

Ikuya Okazaki (2012 MSc Thesis) "Instantaneous and localized temperature changes in atmosphere associated with volcanic eruption observed by GPS radio occultation: 2010 Icelandic and 2011 Chilean cases" (pdf)

Takatoshi Yasuda (2012 MSc Thesis) "Diverse glacier surface velocity fields in the West Kunlun Shan, NW Tibet, detected by Synthetic Aperture Radar" (pdf)

Yuta Kobayashi (2012 MSc Thesis) "On the polar motion excitations by recent mega-thrust earthquakes and movements of tectonic plates" (pdf)

Nobutaka Serizawa (2012 MSc Thesis) "Co-seismic deformation of the two earthquakes at Laos (May 2007, Mw6.3) and Yunnan (Jun 2007, Mw6.1)" (pdf)

Yohei Kinoshita (2011 MSc Thesis) "Tropospheric propagation delay in InSAR : case studies of noise and signal" (pdf)

Masaru Ozeki (2011 MSc Thesis) "Measurements of Snow Depths Using the Geometry-free Linear Combinations of the two L-band Phases from GPS Satellites" (pdf)

Kiyoto Yoshida (2011 MSc Thesis) "GPS Climatology:Climatological signals from long term behaviors of atmospheric zenith delays and their gradients from the Japanese dense GPS array" (pdf)

Mamoru Sugawara (2010 MSc Thesis) "Ionospheric disturbances preceding inland earthquakes: An examination with GPS" (pdf)

Koji Matsuo (2010 MSc Thesis) "Seasonal and inter-annual changes of snow and ice in the terrestrial and planetary cryosphere from time-variable gravity field" (pdf)

Takeshi Kataoka (2009 MSc Thesis) "On the biannually repeating slow slip events beneath the Iriomote Island" (pdf)

Ryoko Ogawa (2007 MSc Thesis) "A study of non-seasonal gravity changes from GRACE" (pdf)

2020-2021 Undergraduates

Tatsuki Sayama

Tatsuya Fujimoto

Yuya Ito

Ryuji Yamaguchi

Sakuya Yukawa

2019-2020 Undergraduates

Mizuki Yoshida "Geodetic study of typhoon: Distribution of atmospheric water vapor and crustal deformation by water load" Poster (pdf) Thesis (pdf)

Ai Matsushita "Ionospheric disturbances by near-earth objects: Comparison of bollide episodes with GPS-TEC observations and QZSS-TEC observations of ionosphere above Japan"Poster (pdf) Thesis (pdf)

Natsuki Muto "Detection of the glacier velocity around the Alaska-Yukon border"

Natsu Takaki "Detection of mid-latitude sporadic E above the Kyushu District by using InSAR"

Takuro Izutani "Estimation of 3D displacement field in Unzen with InSAR"

Ryusei Otsuka "Identification of the origin of phase variations found in the InSAR images in southwestern Taiwan"

2018-2019 Undergraduates

Naoki Hasumi "Change in gravity gradient considered to have occurred a few months before the 2011 Tohoku-Oki earthquake"Poster (pdf) Thesis (pdf)

Yuki Takasaka "Ionospheric TEC changes immediately before large earthquakes: Derivation of the standard curve and discussion on the physical mechanisms"Poster (pdf) Thesis (pdf)

Mina Kataoka "Study of crustal deformation around the eastern collision boundary in eastern Taiwan from multiple geodetic techniques"

Yoshiki Takei "A fold development model considering erosion and sedimentation: A case study in southwestern Taiwan"

2017-2018 Undergraduates

Yuta Tokui "Sea level rise from satellite altimetry: Estimation of thermal expansion contribution using the ARGO float data and short-term disturbances by ENSO"Poster (pdf) Thesis (pdf)

Mayumi Hashimoto "Ionospheric disturbances by the North Korean missiles in 2017: Comparison of IRBM and the old/new ICBM"Poster(pdf) Thesis (pdf)

Tomoki Kuroda "Toward a detection of rock glacier flow by ALOS/ALOS-2 InSAR"

Kenta Mori "Application of InSAR split-spectrum method to heavy rain episode"

George Motono "Analysis of landslides of Mt. Onnebetsudake by interferometric SAR"

2016-2017 Undergraduates

Ryota Sato "GNSS Climatology: Long-term behavior of precipitable water vapor and regionality of atmospheric delay gradient"Poster (pdf) Thesis (pdf)

Yutaro Iwasa "Vertical movements of GNSS stations 1996-2016: Velocity profile in Southwest Japan" Poster (pdf) Thesis (pdf)

Kazuki Yanagiya "Detection of ground movements in the permafrost region from InSAR data"

Shuntaro Hata "Determination of the flow speed of the PioXi glacier in the South Patagonia Ice Field by using ALOS2/PALSAR2"

Tomomi Inamatsu "Temporal variation of crustal deformation around the Atotsugawa Fault before and after the Tohoku-oki earthquake"

Kotaro Tsukahara "Observation of aseismic cruatal deformation in Taiwan by using InSAR and GPS"

2015-2016 Undergraduates

Shingo Fujita"Study on the lunar lithosphere from the correlation and admittance between the topography and gravity fields" Poster (pdf) Thesis (pdf)

Hiroyuki Koike"On the possibility of low-frequency radio astronomy using ionospheric holes made by exhaust gas of ascending rockets" Poster (pdf) Thesis (pdf)

Masaru Kusachi "Detection of crustal deformation associated with the 2015 M6.4 earthquake at Hotan, southern Tarim Basin"

Kento Iio "Detection of crustal deformation associated with mud volcano activities and thawing of permafrost"

2014-2015 Undergraduates

Yuki Saegusa "Study on the lunar lithosphere from the correlation and admittance between the topography and gravity fields" Poster (pdf) Thesis (pdf)

Takato Suzuki "Mid-latitude sporadic-E detected by InSAR"

2013-2014 Undergraduates

Shohei Ikeda "A slow earthquake that occurred in northern Hokkaido from 2012 to 2013" Poster (pdf) Thesis (pdf)

Yuji Himematsu "Crustal deformation of an earthquake swarm in Tanzania from SAR interferometry, and discussion on their mechanism" Poster (pdf) Thesis (pdf)

Yoshiki Konuma

2012-2013 Undergraduates

T. Yamamoto "Survey of precursory phenomena of the 2011 Tohoku-Oki earthquake" PPT file (pdf)

Y. Shirahata "Detection of the flows of mountain glaciers in the Western Kunlun and Tienshan Mountain Belts using ALOS/PALSAR" Poster (pdf) Thesis (pdf)

Y. Nakashima "Development of GPS tide gauge by using multipath" Poster (pdf) Thesis (pdf)

A. Saito "Detection of local water level and crustal movements in the Kushiro Plain by using InSAR" Poster (pdf) Thesis (pdf)

M. Hashimoto "Kaula’s rule and the scaling law of the Kaula constant in the lunar-planetary gravity fields" Poster (pdf) Thesis (pdf)

2011-2012 Undergraduates

A. Kasai "Detection of spatio-temporal variation of crustal deformation using ALOS/PALSAR : Case study of the Izu-Oshima volcano" Poster (pdf) Thesis (pdf)

H. Kitazaki "Search for geoid height changes due to the Tohoku Oki earthquake (Mw9.0) by satellite altimeter Jason-2" Poster (pdf) Thesis (pdf)

Y. Tanaka "Co- and postseismic gravity changes of the 2010 Chile earthquake: Observations with GRACE satellites" Poster (pdf) Thesis (pdf)

2010-2011 Undergraduates

M. Muto "Estimation of 3-D displacement of the Perito Moreno glacier (Patagonia) based on ALOS/PALSAR" Poster (pdf) Thesis (pdf)

T. Ogawa "Mechanical evolution of the Earth-Moon system from global shape of the Moon" Poster (pdf) Thesis (pdf)

T. Abe "Detection of crustal defomation due to the Iwate-Miyagi-Nairiku earthquake with SAR and the estimation of its non-planar fault model" Poster (pdf) Thesis (pdf)

Y. Homma "On the seasonal gravity changes of the Japanese Islands observed by satellite gravimetry and their mechanisms" Poster (pdf) Thesis (pdf)

2009-2010 Undergraduates

I. Okazaki "Ionospheric observations by GPS ratio occultation: Height distributions of electron density increases by the 2006 X9.1 solar flare" Poster (pdf) Thesis (pdf)

T. Yasuda "Detection of co-seismic deformation and mountain glacier fluctuations by ALOS/PALSAR: the Yutian Earthquake (Mw7.1) on March 20, 2008, and the western edge of Kunlun Mountains" Poster (pdf) Thesis (pdf)

2008-2009 Undergraduates

K. Yoshida "Observations of long-term changes in atmospheric water vapor content with GPS and VLBI" Poster (pdf) Thesis (pdf)

M. Ozeki "The Earth's background free oscillations : Observations by GPS-TEC" Poster (pdf) Thesis (pdf)

N. Serizawa "The evolution of a slow earthquake in Afganistan detected by InSAR" Thesis (pdf)

Y. Kinoshita "Detection of crustal movement at Tokachidake volcano by Interferometric SAR" Thesis (pdf)

2007-2008 Undergraduates

Mamoru Sugawara "Crustal deformation by the true polar wander of Mars" Poster (pdf) Thesis (pdf)

Koji Matsuo "Geodetic study of Mars with Mars Global Surveyor" Poster (pdf) Thesis (pdf)

Yu Morishita "Detection of precipitation anomalies of El Nino/La Nina in time-variable gravity fields by GRACE" Poster (pdf) Thesis (pdf)

2006-2007 Undergraduates

T. Kataoka "Correlation between annual variation of ocean bottom pressure and seasonality of great earthquake occurrences along the Nankai and Sagami Troughs" Poster (pdf) Thesis (pdf)

T. Furuya "Observations of local ionospheric holes by launch of H-IIA rocket with GPS" Poster (pdf) Thesis (pdf)

2005-2006 Undergraduates

S. Kuga "Geodetic study of sea level rise from GPS, altimeter and tide gauge data" Poster (pdf) Thesis (pdf)

R. Yoshimi "Shift of the Earth's rotational pole associated with the 2004 Sumatra Earthquake" Poster (pdf) Thesis (pdf)

2004-2005 Undergraduates

Ryoko Ogawa "Detection of the global deformation of non-plate-tectonic origins" Poster (pdf) Thesis (pdf)

Shin'yu Sato "Seismic waves in the ionosphere: observation of ionospheric disturbances by ground movements" Poster (pdf) Thesis (pdf)

Yoshinobu Nihon'yanagi "Quantitative study of ionospheric disturbances by solar flares" Poster (pdf) Thesis (pdf)

Recent commentary

The Earth: A Planet of Wonder (in Japanese) introductory remarks avi file (~0.5GB) (Video series from National Astronomical Observatory)

The Sumatra earthquake and the Earth (in Japanese)

Why do earthquakes occur? (in Japanese)

Another way to use GPS (from "Science Explorer COSTEP" in mp3, Japanese)

Plate motion and crustal deformation observed with GPS (from FM Northwave "Frontier Spirit Radio with Hokkaido University" in mp3, Japanese)

Changing earth as shown by gravity (from a journal "Littera Populi" Hokkaido University's public relations magazine)

Recent highlights

Preseismic TEC enhancement

Coseismic traveling ionospheric disturbances

Lunar gravity anomaly

Secular subsidence of NE Japan

Snow melt may trigger quakes

Small coupling in the Tokai area